Matchless Holiday Experience to Mauritius

Exquisite Luxury Mauritius Holidays come with the promise of pleasure, romance, relaxation and adventure for all tropical lovers. Mauritius is home to some of the most breathtaking white sand beaches in the world, which are often described as those mimicking heaven. But that’s not all this serene country has to offer. The beauty of the lush, green rainforests and magnificent mountains that provide sanctuary to many rare species of marine as well as terrestrial animals, are all a treat for the eyes and soul. This, combined with its rich, unparalleled history and vibrant culture, makes Mauritius an exotic Eden for all wanderers.

Let us make your holidays to Mauritius the best travel experience

On one hand where the bustling capital city of Port Louis beckons the young and impassioned, the relaxed village life of Le Morne lures tired wanderers to its shores. From the blue lagoons and beautiful coral reefs of Flic en Flac, to the lively nightlife of Grand Baie with its open-air bars, there is something phenomenal to experience in every corner of this island. By going all-inclusive, you can live out every escapade, while also relishing the splendid, revitalizing facilities and services offered by all the inimitable resorts in the country.

How long is the flight to Mauritius from UK?

The flight takes around 12 hours. You’ll fly direct from UK Airports to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (MRU) in Mauritius.


Maldives has a tropical weather throughout the year but it receives a good amount rains during monsoon which comes towards the middle and the end of the year. here’s an average of 8 hours of sunshine every day and the water temperature barely falls below 25°C.

It is a favorable year-round destination with cool, pleasant climates between the months of May-October, and warm, humid temperatures between the months of November-April.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius. The best time to visit Mauritius is from May to December when the weather is cool, dry and sunny. Expect some of Africa’s best beaches, fresh seafood and long, sundrenched days on a Mauritius holiday. The island has a classic tropical climate with warm weather year-round.

Things to Do in Mauritius

There are plenty of amazing things to do in Mauritius, including a variety of water sports on picturesque beaches, visiting nature reserves and exploring marine life, enjoying golf on impressive golf courses and making the most of the many luxury resorts which offer fantastic facilities. Coming close to the top of most people’s holiday destination list, Mauritius is a firm favourite among all kinds of traveller. Whether it is young lovebirds heading off on their honeymoon or families travelling with young children, Mauritius has something to offer everyone. Its powdery white sands and clear, warm seas make for all kinds of exciting water sports and activities, while luxurious resorts lined with palm trees and ferns offer luxurious relaxation opportunities. Let us take you on a tour of some of the top things to do and experience while you visit this sun-soaked isle.

Rest and Relaxation

The shores of Mauritius are lined with luxurious resorts, many of which boast their own spa onsite. Take the chance to unwind and treat yourself to some pampering at one of these wellness centres, which offer everything from full body massage to facial treatments.

Grand Baie

The island’s main tourist resort is located in the north within a sheltered bay dotted with bobbing boats and packed with activities for visitors. The streets are lined with excellent shops and restaurants, and it’s also a good place to check out tourist information centres to plan your next excursion. There’s even an aquarium, so kids are sure to be entertained on their visit.

Port Louis

The capital of Mauritius is well-known for shopping, and it is the ideal location to get some retail therapy in while on holiday. It’s not all about the shops though, as Port Louis is also home to some fascinating museums, including the Blue Penny that covers colonial history and the Natural History Museum, which houses an ancient dodo skeleton. Get a taste for the city’s multicultural feel as you wander around China Town or make your way up to Signal Mountain for the best sunset views.

Eureka House

The colonial Eureka House was constructed in 1830, and nowadays showcases the life of aristocrats in 19th century Mauritius. The beautiful wooden house, which was once a sugar plantation, overlooks a lush tropical garden bursting with leafy palms and fruit trees as well as several waterfalls that add to the tranquil feel of the grounds.


Mauritius is well known for its golfing opportunities; indeed, the island is home to almost a dozen top class courses. Some are connected to resorts, so be sure to stay at one of these if you are keen to get plenty of golf in during your stay.


It is impossible to choose the best beach in Mauritius, so be sure to sample as many as you can while there. The island is renowned for its picture-perfect beaches complete with beautiful white sands and clear turquoise waters. Pitch up a sun lounger and get your tan on, or retreat to the shade of the palm trees as you sip on a fresh fruity cocktail – the choice is yours.?


Get out into the great outdoors and explore the area of Chamarel. Here you’ll find unbelievable coloured soils in hues of blue, green, red and yellow, all produced by the erosion of volcanic ash. What’s more, there are also impressive waterfalls and the charming Chamarel Village, within which you can learn more about local culture as well as sample some Mauritian dishes.

Isle aux Aigrettes

Take a boat ride from Pointe Jérôme out to this tiny island made up of corals and surrounded by the turquoise seas. This is thought to have been the last stronghold of the famous dodo, but today you will find gentle Aldabra tortoises meandering about.

Water Sports

With such clear waters, it would be a shame not to get involved in some of the marine activities that are on offer around Mauritius. Plenty of centres are located in all the main tourist hubs, each offering rental of equipment and lessons for everyone from beginners to experts. Grab a snorkel, mask and some flippers and set out on an underwater adventure exploring the island’s many coral reefs and unique fish species. Alternatively, get your adrenaline pumping and try your hand at water skiing.

La Vanille Nature Park

Kids will love the chance to get up close and personal with some of the island’s most fascinating wildlife at this nature park. La Vanille is a conservation centre dedicated to preserving a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures, including tortoises, crocodiles, and iguanas. What’s more, there’s also a kid-friendly restaurant and a jungle playground where they can play to their heart’s content.

Black River Gorges National Park

Ditch the sun lounger and throw on your hiking boots as you set out for the beautiful Black River Gorges National Park. Encompassing almost 70km2, this park comprises lush tropical rainforest, steep hills and the dramatic gorges that earned it its name. There are many hiking trails to explore, but we definitely recommend heading to the Black River Peak viewpoint at some point for panoramic views across the island. See if you can spot some macaque monkeys along the way! With such beautiful scenery and so many things to do, it is easy to see why Mauritius has become such a popular holiday destination. But the best way to get to know this enchanted isle is by experiencing it first-hand. Take a look at some of our deals and offers today and begin planning your adventure. Alternatively, contact us for more information – we look forward to taking your call.

Getting There

There are several direct and non-direct flights to Mauritius from the UK. Air Mauritius and British Airways run direct flights from London, while Emirates runs the best non-direct flight service from London via Dubai.

Entry Requirements

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months for visitors from date of entry in Mauritius. All visitors must hold legal tickets and documents for their return journey or onward travel. Visitors must have sufficient finances for the duration of time in Mauritius.

Cuisine of Mauritius

Mauritian cuisine is quite diverse, just like its culture. Visitors can enjoy a mix of Creole, French, Chinese and Indian food depending on their tastes and preferences. Mauritius is also famous for its seafood variety.

Mauritius Culture

Mauritius has a rich and diverse culture with the population mainly consisting of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Creoles and Europeans. People in general, are friendly, celebrate a variety of festivals and speak different languages based on their ethnicity. Mauritius’s colonial past is reflected in the island’s vast cultural diversity. Its inhabitants create an unusual mix of races, religions, denominations, skin colors and languages. Creole and Hindus have the largest share in the ethnic composition of the population. Europeans and a small group of Chinese live here as well. Over half of the population is Indian (52%). A large percentage are also Catholics (26%) and Muslims (17%). The official language is English, but a significant part of the population also speaks French. French based Creole and various languages ​​from India are widely used.

Mauritius has a high degree of urbanization. The urban population constitutes over 41% of all inhabitants. The birth rate is relatively low in an African country. Very low levels of illiteracy are also a phenomenon. This is due to the education system developed and supported by the government. Includes all children. The time of final exams in schools becomes the most important period of the year in the life of the island, it is a national holiday. Street trading is the most colorful part of the island’s culture. Making and encouraging buyers and street vendors on stalls with differences, such as the practice of bargaining, is an integral part of the life of the people of Mauritius.

The rich and original national culture is cultivated by numerous national theater groups and folklore groups, as well as by many individual artists. Music and dance play a very important role in the island’s culture and customs. The national dance is sega. It is very dynamic and spontaneous, has its roots in African rhythms. Reminiscent of an African sambe. Numerous holidays are celebrated in Mauritius. Their number results from cultural and ethnic diversity and equal opportunities for each community to celebrate their worlds. Most religious worlds change over time: in Islam, world dates refer to moon phases, while Hindu and Chinese world dates are based on local astronomical observations and can occur on different days for specific cities or regions.

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